June 2009

June 25, 2009 @ Citi Field

Well, I went to Citi Field again today, this time with my friend Greg. I took the 10:45 train, as I couldn’t make the 10:15 train. Remember those 2 baseballs I planned on bringing on my last entry? Unfortunately, they were in that exact same spot when I got home. I got to the stadium at about 11:20 and went to left field to snag baseballs. To make a long story short, I didn’t snag any baseballs. The highlight of BP was seeing Albert Pujols absolutely CLOBBER some homers into the highest deck at Citi Field. That is not easy. The homers would have been about 500 feet. But I saw some Mets signing autographs, so I ran over there as fast as l could. 

Unfortunately, I was too late for those 2 Mets who I believe were Fernando Nieve and Brian Stokes. So we waited around for a few minutes to see if anything else would happen. First base coach Luis Alicea came over and signed for a few people while he was talking to them, so I went over there and got him to sign my Mets ice cream helmet in silver. 
I hung around there to see if anything else would happen. Then, Pat Misch, a relief pitcher who was recently recalled from Triple-A, came over and also signed my ice cream helmet. I wish I had those baseballs. 
That was it for BP, a Pat Misch and Luis Alicea autograph on an ice cream helmet. Not my best BP, but not my worst. Now, take a look at my ticket for this game. (It got crumpled in my pocket.) 
If you can’t tell, the price is $15.00 for what is the last row in the whole stadium behind the left field foul pole. Greg and I weren’t going to sit there, so we found better seats. Here was the view from our new seats, which we sat in for the whole game. 
Pretty good upgrade if I should say so myself. They were about 15 rows behind the Mets dugout. I asked the person sitting next to me and he said that the face value of those tickets was $140. Do the math, $140-$15= a $125 seat upgrade. I tried for third out balls, but I was unsuccessful. Johan Santana and Chris Carpenter were in a pitchers duel. In the 4th Inning, Chris Carpenter reached base for the Cardinals, then eventually reached third with 2 out. He didn’t score, but in the bottom of the inning, Nick Evans made him pay with a 2 RBI double that would give the Mets the lead to stay. I snapped this picture just before he went to second base. 
In the 9th, the Mets brought in Francisco Rodriguez, first 2 batters, 6 strikes, 2 outs, third and 4th batters, walks, then Yadier Molina lined out to left field. 
Final Score: St. Louis Cardinals 2 @ New York Mets 3
W- Johan Santana L- Chris Carpenter S- Francisco Rodriguez
After the game, Greg and I hung around the press exit for Ron Darling once again, and eventually, he came out and signed. I took a video of him signing. You can check it out HERE.  Shortly after, we went to the players parking lot, which is basically a fence surrounding all their cars. We saw plenty of players, but only 2 signed, Nick Evans and Daniel Murphy. l got Nick Evans to sign a blank white card for me. A blank white card is exactly what it sounds like, just a blank card, same size as a normal card. Nick said, “What is this?” when I handed it to him. I told him it was an autograph card. I got Daniel Murphy to sign his 2009 Topps card that I got in the team set. I got a picture of Murphy signing. Anybody know what is in his mouth? 
I had about 7 seconds to take the picture, so I apologize if it is blurry and that the fence is in the way of his face. I was forced to leave after that because Greg and I had to make the 5:02 train. At the train station in Great Neck, I saw this: 
Final season at Shea Stadium. Really? I understand that the LIRR isnt the best, but someone should notice this and change it. That is not. Here are all of my autographs from the game. 
Don’t go yet, here are a few pictures from the game. 
Bobby Parnell wearing the pink backpack, which is given to the man in the bullpen with the least experience:
Johan in action:
Albert Pujols taking one: 
K-Rod getting ready to unload:
That is it. I will be going away for the summer, so I can’t really post until late August. Thanks to all who read this blog. 

The 3 P’s

First P: Pete Rose. Two cards and a photo through the mail. I believe he should be in the Hall of Fame, and his managerial record erased from the record books. What do you think about him? 


Second P: Preparation for tomorrow’s game at Citi Field.
From left to right. Top Row: My glove, Cardinals hat, Mets hat. Bottom Row: Drawstring bag, Ice Cream helmet (For autographs.) 2 clean baseballs (For autographs.) Binder filled with cards for autographs. Shirt that I will be wearing. (Remember it.) Various sharpies and pens. 
Third P: Past experiences. Remember the shirt? Well, I wore that shirt to games where I had a hat of the visiting team to stand out. Last season at Yankee Stadium:
Thrown to me by Mark Grudzielanek. 
Earlier this season at Citi Field: (Sorry about the poor photo quality.)
Thrown by a player who I believe is Garret Mock. 
May 29th at Citi Field: See the speck of yellow?
Shortly after getting Hanley Ramirez’s autographs. 
I hope my success with the shirt continues tomorrow. 
After tomorrow’s game, I will have one more entry, then I go away for the summer, and I probably can’t make any updates then. 

Baseball Cards

Over the years, I have collected thousands of baseball cards from various brands and years. I will be at the Mets vs Cardinals game on Thursday, June 25, so  I was looking for some cards of players, and I stumbled upon two Gary Sheffield 2004 Topps Cracker Jack cards. At first sight, I thought they were the same, but when I looked closely, I saw: 


Thumbnail image for sc027457a3.jpg

They are the same year, same brand, same background, same dirt on his pants, but for some odd reason, Topps produced a card of him on the Braves and on the Yankees. He was a free agent who signed with the Yankees before the 2004 season. And I apologize for the low quality of the scans, as my scanner isn’t the best. 
I will be at Citi Field on the 25th against the Cardinals. Say Hi. Then I go to camp for the majority of the summer, and I can’t really post while I am there. Sorry. I will try to post one more entry before the game, and one about the game. 
Through-The-Mail Autographs in the last week: 
Current Rays pitcher signed only 1 of my 3 photos, but I’ll take it. 
Former player and manager, Jim Fregosi, signed all 3 of my cards. 
Gaby Sanchez, current Marlins prospect, signed and personalized a card. It took a long time. 
Current Tigers pitcher, Nate Robertson, signed my card. 
Lastly, current Angels Braves outfielder, Garret Anderson, signed my card. I still have to get used to him being a Brave. On the envelope, I started to write c/o Anaheim, then I realized he was on the Braves. It only took about a week. Nice Signature. 
That is it. 
Thanks for reading- Howie

The Week in Autos #1

First, I would like to congratulate Randy Johnson on his 300th career win. There was some controversy, as in the bottom of the 8th inning, 2 outs, the bases were loaded for Adam Dunn, and Brian Wilson’s 3-2 pitch was…

Image courtesy of yahoo.com. You be the judge, but the home plate umpire called it strike 3.
Now for the TTM autos: 
Current Cubs pitcher, Ryan Dempster, signed 1 of my 2 cards. 
Thumbnail image for demp.jpg

Then, Joe Nathan, current Twins closer, and one of the best in the game, Signed all 3 of my cards. He has a very nice signature. 
Former pitcher, Woody Williams, who pitched for 5 teams over a 15 year career, also signed 3 of my cards. This one took a relatively short time. 
Former Orioles, Mets, and Braves relief pitcher, Doug Sisk, signed my card. 
He was on the Mets when they won their 1986 World Series.
Former A’s All-Star Bert Campaneris signed 1 of my 3 cards. 
Up and coming catcher in the Red Sox organization, Luis Exposito, signed a card and an index card for me. I add index cards because I like to get more than 1 auto, sometimes it works, and other times it doesn’t. 

He may be very good some day.
Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for sc013c00e701.jpg
That’s it. Very successful I should say.