August 2009

August 24, 2009 @ Citi Field

First game in 2 months. Went with my friend, Greg, again. Took the 10:45 train, was at the stadium at about 11, absolutely perfect weather, and I was disappointed when we ran inside and saw this: 

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No batting practice, so Greg and I sat down for a few minutes waiting for some players to come out. Eventually, 4 Mets relievers started warming up in right field, one of them was now former Met, Billy Wagner. 
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He was playing catch with Brian Stokes, and Elmer Dessens was playing catch with Nelson Figueroa. Once Figueroa snd Dessens were done, Dessens went to the bullpen and Figueroa started signing along the foul line with his own black sharpie. I got him on a baseball, and since I was in the front row, Greg passed me 2 cards of him and I got them signed for him. 
Here is a picture of him signing someone’s hat. 
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He started signing, and it seemed like he signed forever. I looked back maybe 15 minutes later, and he was still signing. Great man and very fan-friendly. I moved back to my spot behind where Wagner and Stokes were still playing catch. Then something odd happened, Stokes threw the ball well over Wagner’s head and the person standing right next to me caught it. Then, Billy asked for the ball back, and the man standing next to me gave the ball back to him. We all said he should have asked him to sign an autograph or something. After playing catch, both Wagner AND Stokes started signing along the foul line. I got Wagner on a baseball in someone else’s thin blue sharpie. Unfortunately, as I was pressed against the wall, I could not get a picture of Wagner signing. But I went over to Stokes, got him on the same baseball in my own pen, and got a picture of him signing someone else’s ticket. 
After that, I wandered to the Phillies side to meet Greg, who was having bad luck with the Phillies. On the Phillies side, I missed out on Ryan Madsen, Brad Lidge, and J.A. Happ took my pen and signed autographs for Phillies fans, but not for me. After the Phillies left, we walked back to the mets side near the corner of the dugout and just barely missed getting Anderson Hernandez and Cory Sullivan. We got kicked out of that section, then went behind the dugout and got Brian Schneider to sign a different baseball than the one I had already gotten signed. No picture here either as he signed under the dugout and only signed 4 autographs. That was it for pre game. 
Our tickets had a $23 face value and we ended up sitting with this view of the field: 
Again, over a $130 seat upgrade. I tried for third out balls, and was unsuccessful. The game itself was exciting for the first inning. Look at the linescore from after the first inning: 
Yup, that was how it was going. The Phillies ended up winning the game 6-2, behind 2 Ryan Howard homers. Cliff Lee pitched great for the Phillies. It was no contest, the Phillies were all over my struggling Mets. I got a good picture of him pitching: 
After the game, I stayed for autographs, but got absolutely nothing. Here are my autographs from this game:
That is it from this game. Sorry for the delay in posting this entry. Ill leave you with a picture of the Mets during the national anthem. 
Thanks for Reading- Howie

Quick Update

Hey everyone. I am back. I’ve not been able to post recently as i have been in sleep-away camp. Just got back from Citi Field a few hours ago. Ill have an entry on that up soon. At my camp, we went to a baseball game. Here is my ticket from that game. 

If you have heard of either of the teams…I envy you. It was a New York Penn League game between the Renegades, in the Rays organization, beating the Muckdogs, in the Cardinals organization, 6-5. 
I hope all of you enjoyed the summer. 
What did YOU do over the summer? Meet your favorite player? Sit down and do absolutely nothing? Let me know. Feel free to leave comments.