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August 24, 2010 @ Citi Field

First, I would like to apologize that this is the first entry I have written since June. I went away for the summer and got back just a few days ago. Since I got back, I attended the Mets game on August 24. They were hosting the  Marlins, and I was looking forward to having a good day.

After taking  the only working train on the LIRR, I arrived at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda at 4:30, right before the gate was set to open and I was at the front of the line. As soon as I entered the stadium, I went straight to right field to look for easter eggs. Unfortunately, there were  none. After throughly searching every single row, I saw that Mets star Mike Pelfrey was holding a ball in is hand. I asked Mike for the baseball and responded by flinging it underhanded toward me. I lunged over the wall as far as I could, but missed the ball and it rolled into the Mo’s zone and stayed there. I waited and waited, and eventually rookie outfielder Jesus Feliciano picked it up and tossed it to me. Right after that, I met my friends at the corner near the Mets dugout to try to get some autographs. Once Mets batting practice was over, my friends left to go to the Marlins side and I waited because I saw Chris Carter signing for people near the dugout. As he was about to go into the tunnel, the people around me, along with myself started yelling at Chris to come and sign. He obliged. I got Chris Carter to sign the ball that he threw me on June 24. I brought it because I heard he is a great signer, and it paid off. Then Chris started signing odd items, like a country club hat, and he even signed some autographs with a pencil. It was kind of odd. Since I was stuck in the corner, I also got to take a picture with him, which was good because I rarely take pictures with players. I took a video of him signing, and you can see that HERE.                                          
After that, I met my friends on the Marlins side and got rookie catcher Brett Hayes to sign a ball for me. I snapped a picture of him right before he left for the dugout. 
Shortly after that, a light mist started to fall and BP went dead. All I had was a ball and two autographs. Not great, but I was happy just to get anything. 
Then, with a light rain falling, my friends and I settled down in our seats, which were about 10 rows behind the tarp on the 3rd base side. I have always wanted to see knuckleballer R.A. Dickey pitch live, and tonight was my lucky night, as he was facing Marlins ace Josh Johnson. 
The game went back and forth, with the Mets and Marlins having multiple  lead changes. The biggest one was in the bottom of the 9th, game tied at 5. Will Ohman was pitching for the Marlins and the Mets had runners on first and second for Luis Castillo. To my surprise, Castillo lifted a bloop single into shallow right field, scoring rookie Ike Davis to give the Mets a 6-5 win.
New York Mets' Jeff Francoeur, and Ike Davis 
It was a good win for the Mets, because they were trailing after 7 innings but never gave up and got the win. 
Today’s autographs:
Chris Carter                                                      
                  Brett Hayes                                                       
Today’s baseball: 
  That’s all for today, I will be heading to Cooperstown next week, so expect an entry on that when I get  back. 
Thanks for Reading- Howie

May 8, 2010 @ Citi Field

I went to Citi Field on Saturday May 8 to see my Mets host the San Francisco Giants. My dad, who knows people, got front row seats behind the Giants dugout for a very, very discounted price. When I looked at the weather forecast for this day, I noticed that there was going to be some early morning rain, so I decided to sleep in a little. We got there at around 11 AM, and everything was soaked and the tarp was on the field. The only action I could find was down the right field line where some Mets were stretching. My dad stayed at our seats with the camera. The picture on the left is taken by my dad from the seats. The one on the right is from my phone.

Shortly after that , Fernando Nieve started signing and I got him to sign a ball on the sweet spot with someone else’s black pen. That autograph, along with my others can be seen at the bottom of this entry.  This picture was taken by my dad from a long distance away.
After that, I returned to my seats and noticed that Giants reliever Dan Runzler was having his photo taken, presumably for his next baseball card. 
After that, when he was walking into the dugout, I asked him to sign a ball, and he did. I don’t have it on tape. But apparently I need to work on my pen throwing. Shortly after, another Giants reliever, Denny Bautista, had his picture taken by that same man. 
After that, when he entered the dugout,  he was talking to someone he knew in spanish, and I asked him to sign the ball that Runzler had just signed, and he obliged. My dad got it all on tape and I put the video up on youtube. He dropped the pen even though I threw it right to him 

After that, things slowed down for a little while until Juan Uribe signed a ball for me at the dugout after the national anthem. He signed so quickly that my dad could not even take out the camera. That left me with 4 autographs at game time. Once the game began, my father and I were clearly visible on TV. This is a screen shot of Henry Blanco batting in the 2nd inning. I am circled in grey. My father is circled in purple. He wore the A’s hat so he could stand out in the crowd. 

The game started with the Mets jumping off to an early lead. Jason Bay got a sacrifice fly off Todd Wellemeyer in the first. In the 2nd, Angel Pagan got a triple down the left field line past a diving Mark DeRosa. After 3 innings, the Mets were up 3-0. But let’s take a rewind to the bottom of the third inning. With 2 outs and David Wright on first after a walk, rookie Ike Davis stepped in to face Todd Wellemeyer. Why am I telling you about this? Keep on reading.IMG_5745.JPG
As you can see, the count went to 2-2. Ike rolled over on a pitch and hit a ground ball to Pablo Sandoval, commonly referred to as Kung Fu Panda, who threw the ball to Aubrey Huff at first base to end the inning. Huff jogged toward the dugout with the ball in his glove. I stood up and raised my arms and tried to get his attention. He reared back as he was going to throw the ball into the crowd. In the very blurry screen shot below you can see Huff, circled in blue, about to throw the ball over the dugout, while circled in the other blue circle, I am up and ready for the throw. 
Huff threw the ball up, and it went right to me, and I made the easy one handed catch. The seat next to me was empty, and since I was in the middle of the row, there was no competition. Ball #1 was in the books, my first game ball. Some people only count live game balls, like foul balls or home run balls, as game balls. I think if the ball was used in the game, it counts as a game ball. I was pretty happy. I think the only reason Huff threw it to me was because I was wearing a Giants hat. You can see a close up picture of the ball below.
After that, I didn’t really care what happened the rest of the day. But in between innings later in the game, I noticed someone in the dugout that I had not seen earlier in the day. It was Tim Lincecum. I was looking for him pre game but just never saw him. I took a bunch of pictures of him, but here is one of the best ones. 
During the rest of the game, it was fun to see Ike Davis’ stats on the Jumbotron because I felt like I owned the groundout to 3rd base. 
As you can see by the line score, the Mets blew a late inning lead, but the game went to extras, and for the second straight game, the Mets won it on their final at bat. This time, it was catcher Henry Blanco going yard just over the left field wall to send all the Mets fans at Citi Field into a frenzy. This is the first time in MLB history that a team has won back to back games thanks to walk off homers by catchers. On the way out, I noticed the Mets were selling game used batting helmets. $75 for a Lance Broadway “game used” batting helmet, I think not. By game worn I mean sitting on a shelf. 
They had a whole mess of game worn stuff, and it was all really overpriced. 
Here are today’s autographs. 
      Fernando Nieve                                                                 Juan Uribe


          Dan Runzler                                                                      
                                     Denny Bautista


And finally, here is ball I snagged today, my 18th lifetime and first game ball. 


As you can see, it is pretty rubbed up with mud and there is a distinct spot, right near the MLB logo, where Ike’s bat hit the ball. 
This is probably going to be my last game for some time because I am nearing the end of the school year. 
That is all for this entry. I hope you have enjoyed it. Feel free to comment.
Thanks for Reading, 

April 9, 2010 @ Citi Field

I got to Citi Field yesterday. It was on such short notice, that by the time I found out I was going to the game, it was 3:45 and I had almost no chance of BP. My friend Danny took me to todays game and we got there at around 6. I finally got my picture with the Shea Stadium Home Run Apple. Of course the H in home run was not in the picture. 

I like what they did with that. It is better than last year when it was in a corner behind the bullpens. Like I said, I got there at around 6 and had tickets in section 113, which is right behind the Mets dugout. I stayed there and tried to get one of the Nationals to throw me a ball, and it failed. Then I went into the corner near the dugout and got Alex Cora’s autograph. Here is a short video of him signing that I posted on Youtube. I got him on a card and a ball, which can be seen below. 

                   After getting Cora. The weather took a rapid spike. It got cold and windy fast. So, Danny and I went to our seats 5 rows behind the Mets dugout. To make a long story short, I tried for 3rd out balls and tried to get Razor Shines, the Mets first base coach, to toss the first baseman’s warm up ball to us, but it never happened. During the game, it was so cold and windy that I needed gloves.  The Mets won 8-2 behind Mike Pelfrey’s solid outing and 2 homers by each Jeff Francoeur and Rod Barajas.  After the game, I stopped at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda. 

Here are today’s Alex Cora autographs. 
Sadly, I wont be at another game for quite some time. I have gotten some TTM autographs. HERE is a link to my YouTube account. Feel free to watch whatever you want.            Thanks for Reading,
Also, the Mets only win when I go to the games.That is actually true now. (2-5) I think I need more tickets for more games. 

April 5, 2010 @ Citi Field *Opening Day*

I went to Mets Opening Day on Monday at Citi Field. I had a great time, so let us get right to it. 

My father and I arrived at the Jackie Robinson Rotunda gate at around 10 AM. We were right at the front of the line and that was a good thing. I also was armed with a new yellow t-shirt. 
That is correct. I got the Happy Youngster t-shirt.  It is a long story, and a special thanks to the Happy Youngster himself for the shirt. (The link above goes to his blog.) As soon as the gates opened at 10:30, I was off and running into the stadium. I chose to take the stairs rather than the escalator, and even though I tripped like 5 times wile running up the stairs, it was a good idea. 
I was running in the concourse down the third base line and I saw a security guard standing on the field holding a ball, I sprinted down the steps and asked him for the ball, and he tossed it straight into my glove, and within 2 minutes of me running into the stadium, BALL #1 was in the books. It was also a Citi Field commemorative ball from last season. Ball #1 is shown below. 
It was the first ball given to a fan during the 2010 regular season  at Citi Field and the first Citi Field commemorative ball that I have ever snagged. On my page, I counted it as a found ball because I found the security guard holding the ball. Literally a minute after I got this ball the person standing next to me noticed Nate Robertson of the Marlins was walking back to the dugout, and we asked Nate to sign, and he said sure. I got him to sign a separate ball that I had brought to get signed. He even signed  it on the sweet spot. Thanks Nate!
Then I settled down in a good spot in the front row right behind where the Marlins started playing catch, but first during the end of Mets batting practice, Luis Castillo, hit a hard foul ball down the line bounced foul on the field then went into the stands and hit me in the thigh. I said, “Ouch.” as I bent down and picked up BALL #2, also a Citi Field commemorative ball. Here is that ball: 
You could say I was a little happy. 
During this time, I got so unlucky that I don’t even want to share the details on the blog. My bad luck changed when Anibal Sanchez threw me BALL #3. It was pretty much brand new, except for a small green mark on the sweet spot. After  he threw me the ball, Jose Veras, a reliever on the Marlins, started signing, and I got him to sign the ball Sanchez just gave me. 
Here is a picture of him signing:
If you can see me, I am in the teal Marlins hat. Here is ball #3, which was signed by Veras. verassignedball3.JPG
Then, after with a quick photo with the 3 balls, we were off to the seats for the game.
The game went great. The Mets won 7-1 behind David Wright’s 2 run homer and Johan’s solid outing.
See you next time from Citi Field
Thanks for reading- Howie

Apology and a Long Winter

Before I say anything, I would like to apologize for not blogging pretty much all winter. It was baseball’s off season, and I guess I took an offseason also. The winter was long, and baseball is finally almost back. I wish José Reyes’ injury was an April Fools joke, but it sadly is not. But since I had a long time away from the blog, my mail stack grew larger, and I will share that with you guys now. 

Former Brave and Pirate, Sid Bream, who is most notably known for a play simple known as “The Slide”, signed my cards. For those of you who don’t know what “The Slide” is, click HERE.
Former 3 time all star pitcher, Dan Plesac, signed a card. 


Met Legend and 1969 Miracle Met, Bud Harrelson, signed 2 cards, and one of the cards is from the Long Island Ducks team set. 
A man whose birthday is in less than 2 weeks, Woodie Fryman, signed a card in black pen, making the signature pretty hard to see. 
1980 World Champion Philadelphia Phillie Del Unser signed all 3 of my cards. 
A man who has been in baseball for over half a century, Don Zimmer, signed all my cards, my index card, and even personalized one of the cards. I appreciate him for that. 
You have to remember Jon Lieber, he signed all 3 of my cards. 
(Is my scanner really that bad that I missed the top of all the cards?)
During spring training, I wrote to a couple current players, no superstars, just a few pitchers. 
Orioles starter, Koji Uehara, signed a card. He either signed it or scribbled on it and wrote 19.
Scan 1.jpeg
Ryan Rowland-Smith, Mariners reliever, signed a card. 
Lastly, White Sox pitcher John Danks signed a card. 
That is all for the ttm cards. I will be at Citi Field for Mets Opening Day on Monday. 
Thanks for Reading. 


Okay, the title may be a bit off what I am trying to say. The website where I get all of my addresses for TTM autos, such as these and these, is giving away free subscriptions for a week. All you have to do is follow these directions: 

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And also, if you are brand new to autograph collecting and have no idea how to do a get a TTM autograph, click right HERE and watch this short video on what to do. Also, the coupon is only good until January 30, 2010 and you can only get one week. 

Happy Holidays To Everybody! 

Card Show

Sorry I have not posted in a while. Today I attended a card show. I usually went to these a lot when I was a little younger. This was the first time I’ve been to a card show in years. My father and I got there at about 12:30 pm and we immediately went to the back of the gym where former Mets Jack Fisher, Davey Johnson, Bruce Berenyi, Ron Darling, George Foster, Keith Hernandez and Kevin Elster were signing autographs. They all, cost a certain amount of money, except for Jack Fischer who was free with your paid admission. I bought 8×10 photographs of Foster and Fischer. How it worked was you would buy a card that entitles you to get 1 autograph from that player. You would give it to a person sitting next to the player then get the autograph. They gave you a card of Fischer with your admission. How the signing worked was there was 1 large table where all the players were sitting and signing. I went to George Foster first, but the  line for him was so short and I thought he wasn’t there yet. It turns out that the line for a former MVP, World Series Champion, and All-Star, was well, no one. I just walked straight up to him and got him to personalize the photo I had just bought and I got a (slightly blurry) picture with him. 

It was surprising to see him decked out in Reds gear at a New York card show. 
Then we waited on line to get Jack Fisher. Thanks to a quick read on wikipedia earlier in the day, I found out that he was the Mets pitcher in the first ever game at old Shea Stadium, so I brought a Shea Stadium commemorative baseball with me and got him to sign it and an 8×10 with some inscriptions that I asked him to do. My father took a video of him signing, and you can check it out HERE. That is a good trivia question to stump your friend. Who threw the first pitch ever at Shea? Jack Fisher



After that, we browsed the rows and rows of dealers. Recently, I was denied in the mail by Jeff Reardon, he returned my cards back unsigned, so when I saw a signed 8×10 of him as a Met for only $1, there was no way I could refuse, so I grabbed a dollar from my pocket, handed it to the dealer, said thanks, and walked away with this Jeff Reardon autograph:

So, we looked around at the many dealers, saw some interesting stuff. Didn’t buy anything though except for a box of Topps Ticket To Stardom Baseball which contained 20 packs of 12 cards each and in one of the first packs my dad opened up, he saw this:
Pretty nice. On the back it was numbered 338/489. Now here is the reason why the box is called Ticket to Stardom. 
If you can’t tell, those are actual tickets from games in 2008. After that, we noticed the line for Davey Johnson, manager of the 1986 Mets, was small. So we bought a picture and a card needed for an autograph, and got on line. There was only one problem, we were on the line for Bruce Berenyi, and we didn’t realize that until we saw Davey Johnson get up to leave, so we ran over to him right before he was going to walk out the door, and got him to personalize an 8×10 for me. Here is a proof shot taken by my dad along with the photo itself. 
That was it for the card show. Very successful. 

Quote of the Day & Some Autographs to Share

First off, here is a quote from Ichiro which appeared in a recent issue of Sports Illustrated. 

When I finished reading that quote, I started laughing. 
Now, I haven’t made a post about the autographs I’ve gotten in a long time. So, here are a few of the autographs I’ve gathered recently. 
Art Howe, former A’s, Astros, and Mets manager, signed a card. 

Thumbnail image for arthowe.jpg

Current Phillies Manager, Charlie Manuel, didn’t sign my card, but sent back his own signed 4×6 photo. 
Former Met, Bud Harrelson, signed a card and an index card. 
Current Twins reliever and fellow autograph collector, Pat Neshek, signed a card and an index card. It says, ”Go Islanders!” because I told him my favorite NHL team is the New York Islanders. I did not ask for any of the inscriptions. 
Announcing great, Ernie Harwell, signed a card and personalized an index card. He has recently been diagnosed with cancer, get well soon Ernie. 
Lastly, Bobby Doerr, who is a member of the baseball hall of fame, signed a 4×6 photo.

Thumbnail image for IMG_4321.jpg

All of the autographs shown have been obtained through the mail. I have many more autographs of better players, but these are the ones I fell like posting now. 
Thanks for reading- Howie

September 4, 2009 @ Citi Field

I went to Citi Field yesterday, here is the story. The night before the game, my father and I bought tickets in section 110 row D, which is 4 rows behind the field. It was quite a bargain if I should say so myself, the face value of the tickets is $270, and we paid $96 per ticket and it came with a free parking pass. We got there at about the time that the gates opened and I went straight into fair terratory in right field because the Mets were hitting. My father was standing in the 4th row near the foul line and I was in the front row. Daniel Murphy was hitting and he hit a homer into the 4th row then it almost hit my dad, hit a chair, rolled down to the 2nd row when I grabbed it with my bare hand, which then was grabbed by another kid who let go after I said, “It’s mine, It’s mine.” Upon looking at the ball, I realized that the stitches were not red, and the ball had a circular logo, it was: IMG_2145.JPG

That ball was the first commemorative one I have ever snagged, unless you count training balls commemorative. The area near the foul line was getting dead, so my dad stayed there and I went behind the Modell’s sign and near the bullpen when I saw K-Rod sign autographs for about 2 kids then left, I didn’t have anything on me to get signed but my hat, and I didn’t get him. I stayed near the Modell’s sign and when reliever Sean Green picked up a ball, I asked him for it, and he threw it to me. There was almost no one there when I got it. It was another 2008 All-Star Game ball, and when I looked at it after I caught it, there was a large black mark from where the hitter’s bat hit the ball. I have no idea who hit it.
The rest of Mets BP was pretty dead, so while the Cubs were getting set up, I took a baseball, ran around to the field level in foul territory and got Pedro Feliciano and Nelson Figueroa to sign a baseball using their own black sharpies. Here is a picture of Pedro signing taken by my dad who kept my spot in fair territory. 
I went back to my spot in fair territory and put on an old Cubs hat. The coaches were not giving anything into the crowd, so I moved behind the Modell’s sign in right field and tried to get a ball from a relief pitcher. And then a pitcher, whom I believe to be sean Marshall, to throw me a ball, I was in the corner near the bullpen, and I had to reach over and make a nice backhanded snow cone catch. Then he imitated me catching the ball and said nice catch or something, I couldn’t really see him. Here is a picture of Ball #3: 
That was all I got for the Cubs portion of BP. After that, I had my picture taken with the 3 baseballs: 
Then, my father and I returned to our seats before the game, and I just barely missed out on Anderson Hernandez. After the national anthem, Angel Pagan signed my other baseball in someone else’s black pen and I was almost crushed because there were so many people trying to get him. If you can see me, I am just standing there trying to leave.
Then we took our seats and the game began. Bobby Parnell had easily the best game of his career. Cory Sullivan also had a pretty good game, as he started off the scoring with a second inning solo homer off the Pepsi Porch in right field off of Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano. Then, there was no scoring until the 8th inning, but the Cubs mounted a threat in the top of the 7th, the bases were loaded for pinch hitter Mike Fontenot, not even close to hitting anything, 1 out. Kosuke Fukudome, swinging at thin air, 2 outs. Ryan Theriot, hard shot off of Parnell’s hand, gets the ball and throws to first, inning over. In the 8th Brian Stokes could not hold on to a 1-0 lead as Jeff Baker got Milton Bradley home on an RBI single. In the bottom of the inning, the Mets exploded to score 5 runs against the Cubs bullpen capped off with a 2 RBI single by Omir Santos. In the 9th, the Mets brought in Frankie Rodriguez, who got save #29. 
Winning Pitcher- Brian Stokes 
Losing Pitcher- Kevin Gregg
Save- Francisco Rodriguez
3 baseballs and 3 autographs, a pretty good day in my opinion. 
Here are the baseballs in the order I snagged them. 
And here are the autographs, you could probably tell whose signatures they are. 
Thanks for reading. Feel free to leave comments,

August 24, 2009 @ Citi Field

First game in 2 months. Went with my friend, Greg, again. Took the 10:45 train, was at the stadium at about 11, absolutely perfect weather, and I was disappointed when we ran inside and saw this: 

Thumbnail image for IMG_4155.JPG
No batting practice, so Greg and I sat down for a few minutes waiting for some players to come out. Eventually, 4 Mets relievers started warming up in right field, one of them was now former Met, Billy Wagner. 
Thumbnail image for IMG_4156.JPG
He was playing catch with Brian Stokes, and Elmer Dessens was playing catch with Nelson Figueroa. Once Figueroa snd Dessens were done, Dessens went to the bullpen and Figueroa started signing along the foul line with his own black sharpie. I got him on a baseball, and since I was in the front row, Greg passed me 2 cards of him and I got them signed for him. 
Here is a picture of him signing someone’s hat. 
Thumbnail image for IMG_4159.JPG
He started signing, and it seemed like he signed forever. I looked back maybe 15 minutes later, and he was still signing. Great man and very fan-friendly. I moved back to my spot behind where Wagner and Stokes were still playing catch. Then something odd happened, Stokes threw the ball well over Wagner’s head and the person standing right next to me caught it. Then, Billy asked for the ball back, and the man standing next to me gave the ball back to him. We all said he should have asked him to sign an autograph or something. After playing catch, both Wagner AND Stokes started signing along the foul line. I got Wagner on a baseball in someone else’s thin blue sharpie. Unfortunately, as I was pressed against the wall, I could not get a picture of Wagner signing. But I went over to Stokes, got him on the same baseball in my own pen, and got a picture of him signing someone else’s ticket. 
After that, I wandered to the Phillies side to meet Greg, who was having bad luck with the Phillies. On the Phillies side, I missed out on Ryan Madsen, Brad Lidge, and J.A. Happ took my pen and signed autographs for Phillies fans, but not for me. After the Phillies left, we walked back to the mets side near the corner of the dugout and just barely missed getting Anderson Hernandez and Cory Sullivan. We got kicked out of that section, then went behind the dugout and got Brian Schneider to sign a different baseball than the one I had already gotten signed. No picture here either as he signed under the dugout and only signed 4 autographs. That was it for pre game. 
Our tickets had a $23 face value and we ended up sitting with this view of the field: 
Again, over a $130 seat upgrade. I tried for third out balls, and was unsuccessful. The game itself was exciting for the first inning. Look at the linescore from after the first inning: 
Yup, that was how it was going. The Phillies ended up winning the game 6-2, behind 2 Ryan Howard homers. Cliff Lee pitched great for the Phillies. It was no contest, the Phillies were all over my struggling Mets. I got a good picture of him pitching: 
After the game, I stayed for autographs, but got absolutely nothing. Here are my autographs from this game:
That is it from this game. Sorry for the delay in posting this entry. Ill leave you with a picture of the Mets during the national anthem. 
Thanks for Reading- Howie